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Welcome to Craft World. Craft World offers its services (both with and without fee) within the following rules and social conventions of the netiquette and the laws of our relative countries.
Craft is an enterprise managed by a company that has its headquarters in Sardinia (GRAM di Raffaele Macis) so it operates within the Italian and European laws.
However, to avoid misunderstandings in some specific fields of virtual life, we have to point out some rules of community life and some things that are not allowed in Craft or are only allowed in particular circumstances.
You must agree to these simple rules if you want access our services, otherwise it is not permitted to access Craft.

Craft World is a multi-user virtual world accessible through the internet. Craft can be accessed, under normal circumstances, by users over the age of 18, but there are special regions (school regions that only teachers and students can enter) in which teachers can allow the access of underage students with anonymous accounts.
Throughout the grid (including those sims that run in PC or dedicated servers that have joined the grid, not owned by Craft) the following is not permitted:

Texts and actions that exalt racism and violence or that marginalize a gender or sexual preferences.

Any form of harassment or defamation.

Any references to child pornography (we warn you that we are obliged to report any child pornography content to the Italian authority to legally pursue this crime, even informing the Interpol).

Griefing, in any way. Wearing too many avatar prim attachments or using malicious scripts (like automated prim replication, as an example) are considered to be griefing too.

Copybotting (copying without authorization items created by other users) .

Using an account name that is offensive or degrading.   

Informing people about the real life identity of a person or any other personal data without their consent.

You must have an appropriate behaviour depending on the rank of the region you are visiting.
in PG rated regions:
- you must avoid hard violence (only mild violence is allowed without exhalting it, as an example: in a theatre performance or in an educational context).
- you must avoid nudity.
- you must use appropriate language.
- you must avoid sex illustrations and acts.
- the land convenant can only be like these above or more restrictive.

in mature rated regions:
- you must avoid explicit sex illustrations and acts.
- nudity allowed in appropriate context.
- avatars showing genitals are not allowed. Allowed artistic and educational representation.
- violence permitted in some context like role games, theatre performances, educational events, historical reconstructions etc. without exhaltation of it.
- the land convenant can only be like these above or more restrictive.

in adult regions:
- adult regions are islands put in a zone of the map far from mature and PG regions.
- check the laws of your state to know if you can access regions with possible pornographic content at your age.
- nudity allowed.
- avatars showing genitals allowed.
- explicit sex and bdsm is permitted between consenting adults.
- hard role games with sexual content and violence scenes are allowed respecting the will of each person.
- child pornography and paedophilia will be prosecuted.
- the land convenant can only be like these above or more restrictive.

Tenants who rent a region can rate it as PG, mature or adult. If a region is ranked Adult it will be moved in the map to a zone dedicated to adult content.
Payments must be punctual. If we do not receive a payment, we will suspend a sim 7 days after the expiration day. After 20 days without receiving a payment, the sim will be closed.
We do not  preserve a backup of the closed sims.  After 20 days the tenant can order a new sim. If the tenant has a backup of the old sim, he can load it in the region by the web management panel.
The tenants can sublet the land for money or free of charge.

The owners of sims on their pc at home or on dedicated servers, joined to the grid have to agree with Craft-World owners a precise zone in the map in which they can put their regions. These sims can be public or private. As a contribute to the grid, the user with his own regions/server can set one private sim against one public sim. These regions can be rated PG, mature or adult.

For adult sims the owners have to agree a different zone in map with Craft-World owners. The owner of these sims can not sublet land for money, but can give land free of charge.
Owners of pc sims and servers must obey the rules above about rating.

Craft-World abides by the laws regarding privacy, all the data we receive from you is just what we need to accomplish the service or to meet the accounting requirements. The data about your e-mail address, your real life identity or other personal data will be never displayed, revealed, shared, rented or sold to anyone else. They only can be disclosed by court order. You have the right to ask us at any time about the data we have on you, and how we use it, and also to delete your data. However, we can not delete the data we have used for accounting purposes (for invoices) but also we can not use or process this data other than for accounting purposes.

Read more about cookies and privacy.

Read more about personal data processing when registering an avatar.

Read more about personal data processing when buying a service.

Craft-World is based on Opensimulator, that is alpha software (still not stable). Entering Craft-World you must know and accept that we can not ensure continuous, error-free service and you understand that you shall not be entitled to refunds or other compensation based on failure of the service or loss of service data.


Grid administrators are obliged to moderate the virtual world content. For this reason grid administrators have access to private regions, in full respect of discretion and privacy. Regions that do not allow access to grid administrators (by changing default configuration of OpenSim for Craft) will be deregistered from the grid.