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Personal data processing when registering and using the service

Information note on the processing of personal data collected when registering for the Craft-World service and using it (EU Regulation 2016/679 "GDPR")


GRAM di Macis Raffaele, based in Via Fontana Nuova, 7A IT-09033, Decimomannu CA Sardinia - Italy, email:, certified email:, as holder, will process, mainly using information technology means, the personal data provided with registration to the Craft-World virtual world service, consisting of the email address and name, if corresponding to the real name or in a form that can be traced back to the real name, for the purposes of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

The password provided at registration is not clearly visible in our system but encrypted and its meaning cannot be deduced.


The collection of this data is aimed at providing the service with the consent given by the interested party. The personal data requested when registering for the service are an email address and a user name that can be real or a pseudonym. The system will add to your account a universally unique identifider (UUID).
When you enter the virtual world other data is collected or stored in our system.
They are:
About things that you do, this is: how many time you stay inside the virtual world, the places you visit, the objects you create and their information about licensing and copyright, the messages you send to other avatars/accounts, the notecards and scripts that you write, your choices about friendship and relationship in virtual world and the groups you join.
About things others do, this is: messages sent to you, invitation to a group, information about objects created by you, other notecards, scripts, objects in which you are mentioned.
About internet connection and viewer you use: we collect and store for 30 days information about your IP, where it is located, the viewer you use.
This information is used for technical reasons, like investigating for technical problems and providing the best service for you. Never we use this information in profiling operations like evaluating certain personal aspects relating to a natural person.


The username you have chosen (name and surname of the avatar) will be visible to other users of the Craft-World virtual world or other virtual worlds managed by subjects other than GRAM di Macis Raffaele, in case you went with your Craft-World avatar to other virtual worlds, possibility allowed by the 'hypergrid' technology. Your e-mail address will never be visible to others and will never be disclosed to third parties.


The processing of this personal data consists of its conservation and use in case of request of support or request of a new password. If requested by the interested parties, the email address is used to communicate events or other kind of information intended for users of the Craft-World virtual world or that may be of interest in relation to it. This data is processed with the consent given by the interested party.
This data will be processed until the user requests the account cancellation.


The data is processed exclusively by GRAM di Macis Raffaele and never given to third parties or disseminated, except in cases specifically provided for by Italian or by European Union laws


Interested parties have the right to request to the holder of processing data to access their personal data and to correct or cancel it or limit its processing or to oppose processing their data (articles 15 and subsequent articles of the GDPR).



any object, program, landscape or asset created by you in the virtual world is protected by copyright in your favor. The system will assign you a unique identification number (UUID) associated with the name and surname of the avatar. This UUID is shown in every object you have created and identifies you as the creator of the object. The request for cancellation of your account entails the cancellation of your e-mail address and password (elements able to link the created object to the real person), the name and surname of your avatar and your UUID. It will therefore no longer be possible for us to guarantee your copyrights on the resources created as they can not be associated with a real person.