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We thank you from our hearts for your kind intention to donate money for Craft-World.

Craft-World is an OpenSim virtual world that functions on a very low-gain basis and in order for us to survive, it is necessary to have enough funds to pay for the servers and all things we need to carry on with this project. You can help Craft also creating contents in our grid to share with our community and the big OpenSim community or joining one or more regions on Craft-World and creating a project to enrich our world (there are already projects about art, e-learning, role games and more in grid).

These funds will be used to pay the central servers and the sims we use as grid services (welcome areas, freebies, landscape regions, event regions etc.).

Other costs are paid with money from the rented sims, so please also consider entering in grid and settling here, renting a sim from the owners.

So, still thinking of donating? Good, below is the button for your donation, thank you very much again and have fun with Craft-World.

Information about data processing: When you make a donation it is only mandatory for us to register the amount and number of transaction, we do not store or process any data about you.