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Cookies and Privacy Policy


We add cookies on our website. They serve only to ensure correct session and login. In particular we do not use any tracking cookies, designed to track, in any form, the user navigation.

List of used cookies:
lep9112sessionid : session cookie
cookieconsent_status : it stores your consent regarding cookies

When initiating a payment through the Paypal service, clicking on the button on Craft-World website, you will not receive any tracking cookies until the time when you login to your Paypal account or provide the details of your credit card, in this case the cookies are not managed by the Craft-World website, but directly by Paypal. Information about the use of those cookies can be found in the PayPal Privacy Policy.



Personal data

We save and use your personal information only for processing your orders and for contacting you. The personal data collected when registering a free account to access the virtual world Craft-World are the email address and the name, if it is your real name or it can identify your person. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we shall use your email address to send this to you. Read more...
The personal data collected from this website when buying a service is that strictly necessary to deliver the service and billing: your name or company name and address. This data is not used or analyzed in any other way, nor is in any case provided to third parties. Read more...