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Whether you want to socialize,
explore, live an adventure,
make your dreams come true
or set up your educational region,
there is something here for you.

It is free!

Craft-World: Where dreams come true.
• can explore the regions of Craft-World or other virtual worlds based on OpenSimulator.
• can socialize, meet other residents and talk with each other both in chat and or in voice,
• can organize personal activities or participate in group activities such as concerts, rallies, classes and trainings, content creations, exhibitions, parties, etc.
• take pictures, make films (machinima), create scenarios and theatrical performances,
• can own land on which you can realize your projects, such as: educational sites, historical reconstructions, or just your virtual home or fantasy place,
• can do many other things ...
Those familiar with Second Life ™ will have no trouble engaging with objects, writing scripts, communicating, and managing their land and objects in a very similar world.

Free access
Access to Craft-World is free. Regions (sim) cost a small amount and you can order them directly from your user account on the website. There are also a number of free plots, and if available, you can request one of them.
If you can manage the OpenSimulator software, you can connect your own online regions with Craft for free.

Craft-World provides school areas accessible only to teachers, assistants and students. The anonymous user accounts of underage students are valid only in the protected environment of the school regions.


Edu3D is a teaching group in Craft World. It provides an immersive 3D environment for distance education and the exchange of educational experiences. Edu3D is an Italian community, open to international contributions and collaborations. It offers training, basic techniques and methodology of collaborative learning.

Museo del Metaverso
A virtual museum with exhibits by over 50 artists, proposed as a meeting place and exchange of knowledge. The structure of the museum itself is a work of art: a must to visit.



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