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Craft World was born on 27th January 2010 inside what was Cyberlandia at the time, a sort of federation of independent standalones in which only two components (Craft World and Cyberlandia itself) were installed with the structure of a grid.

Inside Cyberlandia, Craft World was the international component, indeed its first four citizens were Licu Rau (Sardinian), Tao Quan (British), Tosha Tyran (German) and Lumiere Noir (American). 

Both Cyberlandia and Craft World were based in Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy.

The idea, inherited from Cyberlandia, was to experiment within this new metaverse in all its possibilities, especially with those things that for many reasons, mostly economic or based on rules, were difficult to do inside our big mother Second Life.

The fundamental idea of ​​Craft is therefore not to make business but to create projects and communities who would work on them. For this reason we rejected a few things that could be an obstacle to our mission, like having a currency as an example, and we chose a system based on sharing and helping each other.

After a few months Cyberlandia closed and the Italian community living there moved to Craft becoming the most important community in grid. For this reason Craft-World is known as 'the Italian grid' though ours is an inclusive project that rejects the idea of being a thematic grid dedicated to something in particular or to a nation in particular.

Soon we realised that the idea was good and a few important experiments enjoyed success,  especially in the fields of art and education. The Metaverse Museum (Museo del Metaverso) is surely one of the most beautiful Art places of OpenSim, with a lot of artists exhibiting there. Many other artists chose to have their own sim in Craft. The educational field has, as its most important component, the group Edu3d with a bunch of regions which make free lessons for teachers, many coming from the Italian world edMondo, belonging to Italian Ministry of Education. Some other regions are rented by schools and institutions, not only Italians (like a Portuguese Art School or a Dutch school).

Over the years various different kinds of competitions have been held, including photographic and building competitions and the creativity of our citizens always proves to be amazing.

As an inclusive grid Craft accepts all kind of regions, also dedicated to entertainment and adult content. For this reason we have a system to protect underage students in school regions. Underage students until now, can only enter regions set as school and can't go anywhere else, and the only adults allowed to enter a school region are teachers and assistants. With GDPR (new european rules about data processing and privacy) rules for student accounts will be more restrictive from 25th May 2018.

A lesson about benefits of being inclusive came from regions dedicated to entertainment. Indeed many people enter virtual worlds to meet people and have fun, attending regions with dancing events and dj music. After a while they get curious about all other activities in grid and many of them at the end take part in other projects. Many people offering their skills and collaborating with Edu3d and people creating free content and beautiful regions for all to enjoy came from the entertainment regions. 

Craft is well known in OpenSim for its freebies designed by our own citizens in various regions, including a region of textures collected by our citizens covering more than 6000 items (Seal) . At Christmas there is a collaborative Christmas Market (Open in Chameleon from December to 15th January) which just keeps getting bigger. Our main Freebie Store (Craft-Store) has been renewed recently.