Welcome to Craft, a virtual 3D world, a metaverse where you can build things, make friends, create groups, organize events but also work on cultural, educational or entertainment projects.

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A warm and friendly community will welcome you and will help you to discover Craft in a spirit of sharing things and knowledge, and you will be soon able to discover your own talents giving form to your dreams in your own region.

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Craft is a virtual world based on OpenSim simulator, a world in many ways compatible with Second Life®, but different. From Craft your avatar can move to other OpenSim worlds that use the Hypergrid system, bringing with you your inventory and eventually taking things to bring to home.

Joining to Craft World is Free
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How to come to Craft from another grid

 If you are in a hypergridded sim in a grid on coordinates around 10000-10000 (like OSGrid and many others) you can come to Craft via hypergrid through the following address:


If your grid is on different coordinates, you can choose the closer sim between the following:

Midway Station on 6500-6500, address:


Ichnos on 3000-3000, address:



Craft World is owned and managed by
Gram di Raffaele Macis - VAT number: IT02257050928