Getting a new password

Did you lose your password? Or simply you want to change it?
Just do as following:
If you have lost your password or anyway it does not work anymore, go to the page:

insert name and last name of the avatar
in place of inserting password, checkmark 'Forgotten Password?'
click on 'Login'

after this you will receive one of these two messages in the page:

User [name] [last name] has a wrong e-mail address.
Contact grid administrators."

This means that you do not have any e-mail address in database
or that what is in database is not a valid e-mail address.
As the message says, contact us.

"An e-mail has been sent to the address you set for your account in Craft World"

After this message just check your e-mail and follow the link you find there.
If you do not receive anything, probably you registered with an e-mail address that you are nomore using or that is inactive.
Contact us.

If you just want to change your password, login to the website by the login page:

insert name and last name of the avatar
insertyour current password
click on 'Login'

Click on 'Change Password'
in 'Old password' insert your current password then in the other two boxes intert your new password

click on 'Confirm'

For any problem just contact us by this form: