Educational Sims

Craft World is an inclusive 3D environment, open to many kind of content. For this reason we have realised a secure system for underage students and school regions.

We achieved the purpose working on the authorization module of OpenSimulator. Students can work in secured school regions where only teachers, assistants and students can enter.

The students can not go out of their school region without authorization of their teacher.

The complete development of the school system is currently (August 2017) being made in the Italian educational grid edMondo (owned by Italian Education Ministry) and will be soon used (with a few differences) in Craft too.

Here a list of features of the new school system in Craft:

What you can do by the website:
• Register as a Teacher.
• Register your Students.
• Rent a school region.
• Decide which regions a student can access.
• Nominate assistant between the grid avatars allowed to access your school region to help.

Features of school regions:
• Access to school region is allowed only to the teacher who rented the sim and his students and assistants.
• By default students can not access any other region, but the teacher can allow them to access other regions (this can be useful in case of visiting some educational or cultural regions in Craft).

Restrictions against students are only intended for underage students.